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About Us

Austin Smith, founder of Searchiply realized that a countless number of businesses were missing out on new customers because they weren’t receiving enough traffic to their website. After helping numerous businesses gain the online visibility they need, Austin decided to start Searchiply to help more businesses with this growing issue as well.

We have helped small local businesses to global firms achieve their goals through our proven strategies and tactics. There are far too many “SEO Experts” out there using the outdated techniques that can get your website penalized by Google. We use current and effective techniques to compliment Google’s continuously changing algorithm in order to drive sales and keep your website penalty free.

We’re not outsourcing our services to who knows where. Everything at Searchiply is done in-house, meaning you will know who you’re working with and what they’re doing. We like to keep a close relationship with our clients, not only so they can see what we’re doing, but for us to understand their business. To do our best work, we will ask about your brand’s mission, vision, and values, along with your marketing plan, how you’re positioned, and all the other nitty-gritty needed to effectively communicate your brand.

“Searchiply has been providing us with SEO for the past year and has improved our rankings substantially. Months ago I couldn’t even find our business on Google, but now I can type in our service’s keywords and we pop up at the top of the first page.”


– Lisa Satawa, Founding Principal of Droste Group