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SEO Audit

An SEO audit includes on-page optimization such as keyword research and page architecture, along with competitive analysis and analytics research. An SEO audit is typically the first thing you will need and can give your rankings a substantial boost.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is conducted to find the highest performing and most relevant keywords for your pages. This includes recommendations to your sites page titles, body copy, meta, and URL's.

Page Architecture

The layout and hierarchy of pages are optimized for search engine visibility. The content including text, images and videos are analyzed to make sure they are optimized and structured properly.

Competitive Analysis

It's important to know where your competitors stand. We analyze the keywords they rank for and the activities they're doing to rank in search engines.


We provide the implementation and/or review of analytics data to make recommendations. We also provide you with monthly website traffic updates to show the improvements made over time.

Link Building

Building high-quality backlinks to your website is one of the most important activities needed to rank highly in the search engine results. Our link building campaigns vary for every client but are driven by research, proven strategies, and measurable tactics.

Content Strategy and Promotion

The type of content that should be posted on your website and social media is often overlooked. We research the topics that your customers are searching for most frequently to develop a strategy for promoting your content on all social media platforms.

Responsive Websites

We build and design responsive WordPress websites optimized to adapt across all screen sizes, providing a profound user experience. Whether your business needs a brand new website or a fine tune-up, we're here to help.

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